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(  - 25/09/2009 )

On the overall, quality is not very high TCMN Vietnam; most establishments also found scattered, difficult to mass production to meet large orders

Customer TCMN of Vietnam is still high potential demand by the world market has been largely limited to "life cycle" product short. Conditions penetrate the world market is quite favorable, there is the free price, there are calculated separately and cultures. Export of this item offers great value, found by comparison with outsourcing but high value but the rate of export value of imported raw materials constituting the product is quite large (since they have to 70%) with the TCMN almost only raw and auxiliary materials inland.

Recovery and Chan Hung village, which is mainly traditional villages TCMN bring the desired results than the original is not your job to the transmission loss, contributed by creating a speed up in production and exporting TCMN. Many found the design appealing to life, beauty of life is more innovative and eye-catching, foot attachment many tourists. Previous risk strategy overwhelms plastic, horn Swiss village strategy application, Peace, Thuong Tin, Ha Tay find many samples opens new rolling circle strategy, officials chain sickle, officers tailed mice, the grapefruit .. zone, and the procedure to refine the new electric motor mount, Left open export oriented, first Taiwan, then China, Cambodia, have made this traditional flash.
The development of tourism, especially international tourism contributed sublimation for this item. Many villages were enrolled TCMN tour on the map. Separate trips of ships dock Saigon Word in six days, the shop has sold over 100 thousand USD, not including the unique way as your little precious stone Hillary Clinton is the wife of $ 25 thousand dollars. In Quang Ninh, 6 pieces of coal sold for just 30 USD each pieces scored Via, its age. Hoi An has cut services in silk long dress from now ...
However, on average common area, quality is not very high TCMN Vietnam; most establishments also found scattered, difficult to mass production to meet large orders. Many units slow innovation design, product design and in particular to face the situation runs out of material failure. Source labors, mai, AP, song, clouds are running low due to excessive exploitation and lack of planning while cultivating a new building houses a local had to "be the" only for circulation within the province to ensure protected forest survival and supply base for the local. Resources are used with the silk is silk craft class B, C, should have to enter the product type level.
Song by economic interests - on the basis of social and evaluate production capacity, potential market demand, in TCMN remains a key focus in the development of export in the period 2006 - 2010, by Project EXPORT is this period set a target to export this item average increase of 20% per year, bringing the turnover in 2010 reached 1.5 billion USD.
In doing so, it should focus on finding solutions to newly developed high-quality raw materials just to avoid exploiting victims indiscriminately, to successful implementation of planting programs, exploitation of forests from rattan, bamboo, leaves . Enhance the professionalism of the Trade: detection and timely introduce new tastes and specifications, quality ... the foreign market, advice for manufacturers and business. Trade with XT combination tourism for the benefit of the field.
Art's links, artist, producer, businessman, inquiring new models, new materials, alternative materials and quickly put into production .... Detect young talent for fostering and training of the next class to expert skill, creating form clinker.
Village continue to grow by Decision No. 132/TTg on November 24, 2000 by the Prime Minister. Established state unified management TCMN, established by industry associations is