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(  - 28/10/2011 )

Legend has it that from more than 400 years ago, Ms. Nguyen Thao Lam from the other villagers to the media for Liu Shanghai (Phu Tuc Commune, Phu Xuyen district) Vocational trading on grass from the forests of international institution and then sell to other villages such as Bell Caps, basketry intercede, hats Chile leaves, rattan Ninh Department ...

1990s, when consumption were difficult also at the people smart, smart land of Phu Tuc had been inquiring step, vocational training and career development of international guot, rattan, bamboo, pulpit of the country. Create a career Phu Tuc commune match list names "Rich International" from ancient times, the four tourist attractions.

According to national highways 21B Quan Circle turn left to the provincial road 73, follow signs for traveling village rattan, bamboo, pulpit, Phu Tuc guot International will come to an tourist attractions unique. Side roads are spread concrete, tiled, asphalted, or clean, beautiful town along the territory, men under the edge of the village, along the village, neighbors had come across a working air engrossed vibrant. Each sequence in guot International, rattan, bamboo, pulpit are exposed along the road, in the home market. In the warehouse, factory of the combination, large enterprises where the workers work in the finished product: Khò burning, drying, modified, spray painting, packaging ... are also high quality finished product tanks waiting on consumption. The man skillful job of land from children to senior level, and the grandmother, that she, the boy ... village are forced out arm, hand weaving work should the original item.

Job weaving guot International, rattan, bamboo, Giang province of Phu Tuc but only developed over decades, the process of finding stuff from the vocational trade, international tea traditional villagers. With hands diligence, dexterity, plus a solid foundation in the source material is abundant, cheap, but a new career in Phu Tuc has a competitiveness and development.

A new vitality village appears before the eyes of the tourist village roads have been hard goods, high-rise houses, the roofs of modern racing each other grow up. Town center is also a neighborhood market Save the Upper mid-range trips, which focus on about 15 large combinations. The names of business: Ngoc Phu, Phu Tuan, Hien Luong, Hong Ky, Thanh Cong ... free throughout the wine regions and become the focal point to promote exchanges of products while also helping the village's career, bringing jobs and income for the communes in the surrounding area is the address of the first visit of visitors.

In any combination that we have received friendly, hospitable owner of the dynamic. It visits the showroom with thousands of sample a full range of models manufactured from new materials, such as: International Grass, rattan, bamboo, giang, rush, plant Eichhornia crassipes, wire forest, swimming corn ... What the animal breeds, villages fruit containers, trays, containers of clothes, containers son trap pollen, souvenirs ... rough carpentry is to bring home the simple definition or use paint, varnish blowing the modern features, beautiful are the attraction filled living. Customers visiting any of a house in the village will be witnessed by a working atmosphere is very typical of the handicraft villages. Between the house is full of raw materials and products on standby consumption, workers hard work from tennis, split the bamboo, giang, clouds, grass sectors; the hand weaving village drainage, create unique products. Family gather labor between the air warm, happy and ready to guide introduces visitors to try crackers hand bending, weaving a unique item with which to carry on the gift, record the mark on a interesting trip. End half-day visit villages, one can visit the home market rustic version, visit the village where the church of her career, a small coastal village temple.

With the assistance of concerned authorities, the dynamism of the business owners, the hardworking, skillful hands of workers and eye chisel, the admiration, of interested visitors, with with consumer shipments attractive market ... We create new development on land suitable job "Phu Tuc"