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(  - 30/09/2009 )

Rural Road Upper Remember the early days of June are any aromatic rice cooked flavor concentration unknown. On the way, the plucking machine that is a "food" rice, straw release, release all the iridescent golden paddy road ...

Bright yellow in color and he is no warm golden light every event he's found is made from rattan and Eichhornia crassipes, grass International (guot tree) is damaged to wait on "foreign export. That is the result of farmers working in the social and effort from people enthusiastic for traditional as Nguyen Thi Luong, Director of Co. rattan export Luu Thuong Hien Luong village (Phu Tuc, Phu Xuyen district of Ha Noi).

Going from "white hands"

Made a family tradition of making career rattan, Nguyen Thi Luong confused with job weaving and trading floor in this category since the age of 19. Day, Liang has been involved in weaving samples and assigned to the "boss" in Hanoi major export. With motorcycle lỉnh kỉnh samples, Liang went from early morning to afternoon at new and still not enough to eat. Because samples with traffic but not in that "feedback" not seen any contract order to hand. But not discouraged, Liang Left which continues to accrue sacred into samples and bring in consignment sales throughout the store, export companies.

Sun has not thought of additives, to early 1995, Liang accidentally met a customer overseas Vietnamese in Czechoslovakia, the two sides signed a contract worth up to 150 million. For more than two months, a motorcycle with his sister donated coffee rapt run around Lane neighbors, to each of the order to complete the contracts signed with customers first. "End of the contract that I have little interest near the tens of millions. Day in my country, tens of millions already know and produce a whole family "- Nguyen Thi diploid feedback recalled.

Since he first successful, to early 1996, she received an export contract with an overseas Vietnamese leaf hat in France. "English Protestant rumors away" community with diligence and know to keep the word credit, Nguyen Thi Luong eventually became "her home" does not know when. June 2004, to perform legal entity export contracts directly, Nguyen Thi Luong Co. has established manufacturing and trading rattan Hien Luong. Also since then, she began to expand production and business. Initially, she built warehouse in the village to build a warehouse, after a few conversions, to early 2007 she leased land by the State to build the basis of the total area of 6 thousand m2, the construction of 1.000m2 storage, drying over 1.000m2 with factory systems to handle the processing. In addition, the company also invested to build the operator two spacious floors. Total capital for the infrastructure of this project to the over 5 billion and has already been in operation since late 2008.

The first objective

Go in line with the construction of infrastructure, Nguyen Thi Luong for adequate attention to human resource selection meet work requirements. Currently, 30 foreign workers live in factory, the company has 5 officers in charge of client search activity, implementing procedures for import and export. Especially team "part-time workers" extremely crowded-farmers in the village to participate in the export orders for the company.

Director Liang said, the occasion of the peak time for up to a thousand employees work for companies in the average income 20-30 trillion VND / person / day work. Products that Co. Hien Luong orders are found mainly traditional villages and selected carefully from materials, such as appliances, decorative household (dustbin, clothes suitcase holder Clothing village flowers, the price of alcohol containers ... ".

Check products to production facility

After the production of crude, the company covers the entire target product to the factory for purification (polishing, coating, process chemicals ...) and export to the EU, Japan, Canada ...

With the aim of constantly improving quality, product design, reduce production costs, meet customer needs tastes, always interested in looking for new customers, new markets ... so in 2008 and month early 2009, though not less influenced by the financial crisis in the world, but Co. is Hien Luong production stable. In particular, by active contact with large groups of foreign trade, increase trade promotion unit should have been the large orders from many countries.