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(  - 25/09/2009 )

Made from rattan and bamboo materials and rush, but these, again very gently and style but no wonder a little hard, primitive.

No longer are the bag rush simple addition, today's craftsmen in the village was laid woven rattan that coordinate with other materials such as fabrics, leather, wool, beads very harmonious and skillful . How to help coordinate the bag no longer looks raw hard monotonous, but very eye-catching and fit the tone of the wing momentum.

Every material is combined, is there a bag of different styles. But the bag is decorated with showy flowers wool still love your child and select the most focus because it's the unfamiliar young. For those a little older, can choose the bag is decorated by the skin, because skin is always creating material luxury.

If you do not like for any additional information, you girls can still choose to rush more bags of different colors, though simple, but very elegant.